Bank One: first in Mauritius to receive LinkedIn training

Bank One is proud to have received on July 15, 2019 the first LinkedIn training in Mauritius with Audrey Mascheroni, Account Director for LinkedIn (Africa) on leveraging the power of LinkedIn as an executive. During the training, which was attended by employees from different operation segments of the bank, Audrey Mascheroni provided interesting insights on LinkedIn as a tool for thought leadership articles, personal stories, as an opportunity to start a conversation and hire top level talent. Statistics show that LinkedIn is the most trusted social media platform globally for professionals. This training was of key importance to Bank One since companies that are engaged on social media are 40% more likely to be perceived as competitive compared to those who are not engaged on social media. They are also 58% more likely to attract top talent compared to those who are not engaged on social media, according to data.

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