Jean-Pierre Dalais, Group Chief Executive of CIEL talks about CIEL's New Purpose and Values

Editorial: Jean-Pierre Dalais, Group Chief Executive of CIEL by Horizons Magazine, No 18, December 2017.

We are often so busy and focused on our day-to-day tasks that we sometimes forget why we do it. Why do we want to provide the best customer service, produce qualitative products or efficiently manage our organisations?

Our products and plant operations can always be copied but the energy and meaning we put in our actions make us truly unique. It is our Purpose and what we stand for, our values that guide our actions and our way of doing business.

I'm therefore very excited to unveil our new Purpose Statement:

For a World we can all feel proud of.

Don't you get a great feeling when you achieve something unique? When you do just the right thing towards excellence? And when your customer's satisfaction is at the highest level? As human beings, it's natural to feel proud when we do something that is meaningful to us - we do not need to show off our achievements. Not at all! But using this pride as a driver towards excellence is a right thing to do. We want to contribute in building individuals, a team, a factory, a hotel, a hospital, a company, a community, a world we can all feel proud of.

Our new values - People at Heart, Excellence at Core and Ethical & Sustainable - reflect the key ingredients that made our success and on which much emphasis will be laid.

These values are further explained in our Guiding Principles that translate CIEL's way of doing business and expected behaviours. Because values are not words on paper, they must be lived out everyday and it is through such behaviours that we will achieve more.

CIEL's call-to-action is

"Go Beyond."

It is to surpass oneself and be as intrapreuneurial ever.

So Go Beyond! Think about what you can improve. Share ideas. Trust each other, and be the best at it.

Let's all Go Beyond for a World we can all feel proud of.

Jean-Pierre Dalais

Group Chief Executive

Tags: Excellence, People

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